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The versatile design and functionality ensure 95% customer satisfaction, offering 30% more space compare other standard luggages.


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    Frequently asked


    Is the DeluxeBag carry-on approved?

    Yes, the DeluxeBag respect the carry-on dimension of the major airlines company. Please make sure that the dimensions required by the airline correspond to or are greater than the dimensions of our bag.


    Is the DeluxeBag made of good quality material?

    Yes! Our Bag is made with premium quality material and made with care. Already 14.654+ customers are happy with their choice!


    Do I really save space?

    Yes, but do not take our word for it. 14.654+ travelers did not regret their choice and you can read their reviews on our websites!


    Is DeluxeBag only for travelers?

    Not only travelers want to save space in their bag. Our DeluxeBag is perfect for everyday-life, too! You can use it for work, for the gym, for shopping, ecc...